• One new customer from Uruguay contact us for forklift truck business, but when they know we are trading company, they doubt about our credit, capacity, and product quality. They request us to provide bank details for checking credit, furthermore, they ask us for feedbacks & evidence from other customers for proving product quality.

    To their surprise, we send all these information the next day, especially reputed feedbacks from other clients, and they believe that every customer is satisfied with our product and services even if we are trading company. Finally they place trial order with us, and continued the pleasant cooperation.

  • Each customer is always has individual requests, so we must consider it carefully, for the unique purpose to satisfy customer.

    Story 1:

    Our client from Panama intend to create and market his own brand, and send OEM inquiry to us and hope to get our supports. We delightedly accept his request, and design the brand, adjust configuration, change suited cabin as per client’s request, we unexpectedly receive the repeated order after delivery of trial order.

    Story 2:

    Our customer from Algeria purchase 320HP bulldozer from us, however, the width of bulldozer is beyond body width of normal semi-trailer, so it is difficult to transport the bulldozer. When we know their trouble, we help them to design and produce widened semi-trailer with rotary supports on each side. They can transport the bulldozer conveniently without risks, they appreciate our consideration for their trouble, and satisfied with our cooperative intentions.

  • Co-creating & sharing.

    Our customer from Ecuador visit our company, and they know we are trading company dealing wide range of equipment & vehicle, and carry out simply, flexible, high-efficient trading formalities, so willing to cooperate with us.

    After negotiation, we create TIANJIN FALCON as co-brand, and we supply over 80% equipment to our partner regularly, they market these equipment and help us provide quick aftersales services, by joint efforts, we open local market rapidly.

    For our partner, we authorize them as our exclusive agency in Ecuador, even if distributing in their neighboring countries. We believe pleasant cooperation based on co-share profits.

    More and more users select us, besides construction equipment, we introduce environmental and municipal vehicles to them, and our partner further cooperate with their government and get many government orders. With many years cooperation, product range enlarged, cooperation deeply extended, all of us believe further business will be promising and prosperity.